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on the cover of August 5th Bulletin


jULY 1-7, 2018
Charlotte, NC

AGES INVITED: Youth currently in grades 10, 11 or 12. We have 40 youth spots available. There will be 8 adult leaders.

TRIP INFORMATION: Dates are July 1-7, 2018. The team will be going to Charlotte North Carolina.

MISSION TRIP ORGANIZATION: Catholic HEART Workcamp (www.heartworkcamp.com) Website contains daily schedule, FAQs, videos, photos.


We work with the City of Charlotte and an interdenominational agency which cares primarily for the elderly and poor. We do help agencies that do food service, home for abused women and children, nursing homes, etc. Charlotte Catholic High School also helps these agencies throughout the school year, so we value our reputation and relationship with them!

TRANSPORTATION: The team will fly out of Msp on Sunday, July 1st Non Stop and return Saturday, July 7th.

COST: The estimated cost for the trip is approximately $900. The team has arranged three fundraisers to help reduce the out-of-pocket cost for the trip. Each youth will have an individual account for the fundraising activities. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required with the trip application. Participants are responsible for minimal personal spending money for meals while traveling.


The deadline for applications is December 8. Notification of acceptance will occur by December 30. Our first informational meeting will be in January.


Click here for August 6th's Bulletin for more highlights

Parents (and those with access to our Shutterfly website):
CLICK HERE for all our pictures and more stories about the trip so far!

Monday 6/19/2017
We woke up in the tundra at 6:30am from music on the intercom system.  Luckily, we found a space heater in a closet off of our classroom and will use it the following nights.  Once we unthawed, we carb-loaded at breakfast and then attended mass.  After, we drove with our groups to the worksites.  Our group (#16) is painting the Habitat for Humanity office in New Albany, Indiana (aka Kentuckiana) because eventually the office will become one of the homes that this organization will provide for a family.  The first day was entirely prep work; we moved all of the furniture, laid drop cloths, taped around trim, washed the floor boards, removed dozens of cobwebs, and primed the walls.  The bus dropped us off back at the middle school at 3:30, and we all had free time until dinner and the evening program.  Most people spent the time playing cards or soccer, napping, or washing off in the chilly, hose-like showers.  Dinner was pulled-pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, baked beans, salad, and cake.  At the evening program, one of our priests, Fr. Norman, spoke and even rapped for us.  Lee Roessler, our musician, also led us in song.  The night ended with our St. Joe's group sharing highs and lows.  Many people agreed that the lows were either the showers or certain foods served, and the highs were adjusting to camp life easily and having a great first work day.
-Hannah Schwartz and Maggie Tulay

Tuesday 6/20/2017
We woke up at 6:30 am, got ready for the day then went to breakfast. After breakfast we had Mass and then after Mass we all headed to our work sights. After arriving at the sight we started with a lot of priming. In between we had lunch. For lunch we had turkey sandwiches. After lunch we then started priming in the house.  Then at 3 we all returned to the middle school that we are staying at. For dinner we had tacos cause of taco Tuesday. After dinner we had program at 7. Following the program we ended the night with adoration. Furthermore, after adoration and highs and lows were done we got kitchen patrol which wasn't fun after taco Tuesday. 
~Kaitlyn Hoffmann 

Wednesday 6/21/2017
We were up bright and early this morning and had breakfast followed by daily mass. We eagerly headed out to our work sites to continue with our third day of service. At this point, we're really seeing a lot of progress on our projects which is so fulfilling and fun! My group cleaned up the yard of the Habitat for Humanity office and stained the deck while another group inside worked on painting the inside of the house. This office is in a little house which will be soon given to a family through the Habitat for Humanity organization. We were a bit concerned going into today because there is so much work to be done, however by lunchtime today our spirits were high as the progress unfolds and our teams come together to get so much done! After lunch we continued to work and are looking forward to tonight's program which is called "Four Corners" which includes Reconciliation, writing letters to ourselves, and receiving spiritual guidance from adult leaders. After an amazing night of Adoration last night, we can't wait to see what God will do tonight.
-Katie Turner & Meg Fletcher 

Team 16 Reflection (Kaitlyn, Maggie, Hannah, Mackenzie and Sami plus others from around the country):

As the week went on, we got to know each other much better and had a lot of fun together. We learned a lot of new things; things about painting and cleaning, and things about each other. We loved talking about after-high school plans and which Hogwarts house we'd be in. We connected over books and TV shows we've seen, and how to say words like "bagel, soda/pop, rags" and with all our different accents. The biggest debate was over what we call that thing you drink water out of in public...we of course know it's called a drinking fountain but others like to call it a "bubbler" or a "water fountain."

Being with people from across the country has allowed us to grow in many ways. We have enjoyed working and serving others immensely and have grown in our ability to appreciate what we have. Hannah also adds that she understands why people hire painters now :)