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September 30th Bulletin with photos from the 150th Celebration and
 Harvest Fest

150th Celebration 




150th Anniversary Event:
  Rehearsals are in full swing for “What REALLY Happened at St. Anthony’s,”
the Rosemount Area Arts Council and Second Act Players play,
produced in partnership with St Joseph’s 150th Anniversary Committee.

  Tickets for the play, which will be presented at 7 pm, April 6,
and 2 pm and 7 pm on April 7 at the Steeple Center,

are available at rosemountarts.com.
Seats are reserved and cost
$14. Tickets are also available at the RAAC Box Office, at the Steeple Center,
14375 South Robert Trail,
 on Mondays from 
10 am until noon, and Fridays from 2 pm-4 pm. 

  Remember to invite your friends from our neighboring parishes to this special event
created just for St Joseph’s. Non-Catholics are welcome, too, as Catholic humor seems to be universal.


Save the Date for Another
150th Anniversary Celebration Event

As the cold, wintry weather sets in, do what parishioners did one hundred years ago. Defy the cold and gather for a good game of cards. On Saturday, April 28, 2018, the 150th Anniversary Committee will provide the cards and cribbage boards for mini-tournaments of 500 or cribbage. Light refreshments will be served and prizes will be provided to the winners. We’d like to know how many to plan for, so please sign-up on the form at the kiosk in the Gathering Space or register by email to Bridget Samson
Indicate if you will be playing 500 or cribbage.
While this event will be free, the Committee would appreciate any freewill donations.


Highlights & photos from our Cemetery Tour on Oct. 21st!
Please read below...

  Heroes, Scoundrels, and Just Plain Folks

Stories of People Buried in St. Joseph’s Cemeteries

As part of St. Joseph’s celebration leading up to its 150th anniversary next August, Rosemount and St. Joe’s historian, Gerald Mattson, gave tours of St. Joe’s two cemeteries: Highland and St. Joseph’s on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Several dozen people braved the rain to learn more about these first parishioners. Highland, St. Joseph’s original cemetery, is located on the east side of Pilot Knob Road at 170th St. It is across the street from the site of the parish’s first church built in 1868. When that church was destroyed by a cyclone in 1880, a new church was built in Rosemount on South Robert Trail (Highway 3). The old cemetery was used until 1886 when a new St. Joseph’s Cemetery across from the new church was put into use for parish burials.


 Mattson brought the old Church members to life with tales of suicide and murder. The death certificates of several saloon keepers had “whiskey” or “brain disease” listed as causes of death. Their obituaries didn’t hold anything back when describing the deceased. The Temperance Union was becoming firmly established in Rosemount at this time. While many men “took the pledge” (to give up whiskey), Mattson said some may have had their fingers crossed behind their backs when doing so. Still another saloonkeeper claimed to be a Civil War veteran, regaling his customers with tales of the war. It turns out that he stole the biography of an old acquaintance with a similar name. Imagine his widow’s surprise when she went to claim her Civil War veteran’s pension for widows and was turned down.

Others were held in high esteem, including one civic leader who had the St Paul Archbishop attend his funeral. Hugh Derham was quite a philanthropist, giving much to his church. Father of many girls, he gave money for the building of Derham Hall, a girls school in St. Paul.

Relatives of Thomas Hyland attended the tour. He was the farm owner who sold some of his land for the new church and cemetery. The cemetery’s name “Highland” reflects its being built on “high land” while also being a play on words of the land’s old owner, Hyland.


                                 Bulletin Cover Celebrating our 150th Anniversary Kickoff


The 150th Anniversary Committee is starting the
countdown to 
St. Joseph's 150th Anniversary Celebration.
This will be held in September of 2018.
 Bulletin articles begin February 5th, 2017 with a look at the Rosemount mission
 years prior to St. Joseph's becoming a parish in 1868. 
Articles will appear every other week in the bulletin, email blast and will also be here on this webpage.
We hope you enjoy the sharing of our rich &
beautiful history here at St. Joe's!

Please watch for future Events & Activities Coming later this year celebrating our 150 years!

150th Prayer...

Gracious God,  We gather here today to give you thanks.  Thank you for 150 years of faith, family and friendship.  Thank you for this community that supports each other in joy and sorrow, baptisms and funerals, in celebrations and the sacraments.  WE are grateful Lord, for your love, your blessings and your presence each and every day.  May we be faithful witnesses, living in communion with the Holy Spirit, to go forth proclaiming your Good News.  We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord.  Amen

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Any questions, please contact Bridget Samson at Extension 3223